Heather lands her meal ticket


Everly Lynn McGillis was born to Heather McGillis in 1992, keeping the family’s long tradition of teen moms going strong. Heather’s mother was only 16 years old when she was born and now at the age of 33, her mother just became a grandmother. Heather found some amount of pride in the fact that she completed her junior year in high school before her own daughter arrived into the world.

On Everly's birth certificate, in the section for the father’s information, a small box labeled “unknown” was checked by Heather in defiance. She would have checked “unclaimed” if that had been an option, but never mind, she would love her baby enough for two.

Everly’s arrival at the family home in China Springs, Texas was met with little celebration. The sad excuse for a house, occupied by three generations of the McGillis family, was already bursting at the seams. Now with Everly’s arrival, that made four generations. For now, Everly would only take up a small corner of the room that Heather and her mother shared, but they knew that would change soon enough.

Things hadn’t gone exactly to Heather’s plan. Brad hadn't married her and taken her away from the little town she had grown to hate. In fact, Brad disappeared after she broke the news that he would soon be a father.

Undeterred by the situation, Heather still had big dreams. Unlike teen pregnancy, big dreams did not run in the family. Her family had resigned itself to the current state, not expecting much improvement. She, on the other hand, liked to dream big. She wanted a big house, a new car, a husband that doted on her. She was still determined to get those things, maybe even more so now that Everly Lynn had come along.

Heather may not have been honor roll material, but she was a quick learner when it came to men. She pursued Brad as her most-likely to succeed in high school and had no trouble getting his attention. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as she planned. Never mind, she knew that there was something bigger and better out there for she and Everly Lynn.

Heather quit school determined to expand her opportunities. She applied to every available job in Waco. China Springs was just too small to find what she was looking for.

After landing a job at the Radio Shack on the interstate, she felt like she was on her way. It only paid minimum wage but the constant flow of businessmen and hobbyists was a benefit. She threw herself into her job – not selling electronic gadgets, but rather, to find her meal ticket.

Heather developed a list of regulars, men who seemed to find a need to visit her each week, but no one she was actually interested in. Late that fall she finally found what she was looking for.

The day was ending like almost every other one, until he walked in. The first thing she noticed was that the man was wearing a suit. She didn’t see many suits in Waco except at the bank. To her, he looked like money. He had to be in his thirties but that only made him more attractive. An older man would be better able to take care of she and Everly.

This was the opportunity Heather had been waiting for so she went to work. She turned away and released the button already straining to hold the blouse shut between her breasts. The effect was immediate and one guaranteed to get any man’s attention.

She approached him slowly swinging her hips and flashing him her million dollar smile. He smiled politely but not with the interest she hoped to see; he seemed intent on finding whatever it was he was looking for. She positioned herself in front of him and tried again. This time she saw a spark of interest as his eyes dropped to her cleavage. She could work with that.

Heather led him around the store, bending over in front of him at every opportunity, pretending to search for the much needed item. She giggled and touched his arm several times and she saw him responding to her advances. No ring on his left hand meant there wouldn’t be any extra complications. Unfortunately she discovered that he lived in Dallas and was just traveling through. She had only one chance to make her move. It was time to set the hook.

“Boy, I’m glad it’s quitting time” she said, fluttering her eyelashes, as she rang up his purchase.

“I’m so hungry. I forgot my lunch today. Hopefully I can make it home without passing out,” she said, adding a sigh for good measure.

Come on, take the bait.

“You know what? I should really grab something to eat on my way out of town. Would you like to join me?”

Got cha!

“Really? That’s so nice of you,” she said, grabbing her purse and rounding the counter, not even letting her boss know she was leaving. She wasn’t concerned, she didn’t plan on working there much longer.

One wild lust-fueled night at the Holiday Inn was followed by another and by the time Monday morning came, Richard Abernathy had completely swallowed the hook.

Author's Note - an excerpt from "Weird", a work in progress

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