From a hater to a lover

Photo by  Monstruo Estudio  on  Unsplash

Hatred is a strong word but if I'm being honest, I did hate you. I try to be open to new experiences, new people, new things, but with you, I just couldn't.  

I wanted to find some redeeming quality, but you made it too difficult. It was the way you barged in; subtlety was not one of your strengths. You were right there, always in my face.

You started showing up every where I went. You pushed your way into my life and I wasn't happy. Every time I came in contact with you, you left a bad taste in my mouth.

So I joined the club of haters. I spoke ill of you, bonding with others over our dislike of all things you. 

Why not just avoid you? I wish it had been that simple. You made it impossible. You showed up where I never expected you. You were insidious, working your way in to my life without my approval. 

Did you know there's a facebook page, dedicated to hating you, with almost 18,000 likes?  There's a website where people go to declare their hatred, to plan your demise. There have even been scientific studies on why people either love you or hate you. 

I was as surprised as anyone one day when I joined the other team. I ran into you, but for some reason, you didn't bother me as much. I actually kinda liked you. 

The more I got to know you, the more I could appreciate you. They say you're a healer - I had no idea.

Before I knew it, I started looking forward to running into you. Now when I go out, I ask for you. I can't get enough of you. Can you believe it? Me?!

I'm really sorry, Cilantro. I should have been more patient in the beginning - given you a chance to reveal your qualities. But at least we're best friends now. 

What do you say we start a website called "I hate Curly Parsley"? She's done nothing but lay around,  getting by on her looks for years.