Live like you are living

Photo by  Joshua Earle   

Photo by Joshua Earle  

A few days ago, my son-in-law celebrated the 10th anniversary of his life-saving bone marrow transplant. I was fortunate enough to be able to compile the well-wishes of so many, into a video at my daughter’s request. I had a lot of time to think while I worked.

My darling granddaughter, his daughter, appears in the first scene, and appropriately so. She is living proof of what life has given him - the opportunity to be a father. 

When I first met my son-in-law, I was sort of worried about the way he couldn’t take his time for anything. He was working in his first job after having earned his MBA, a fortune 500 company, no less, and he was already thinking about the next career move. Why not stay there a while? It was a great opportunity to anyone’s estimation.  

It seemed like he had just met my daughter, and before we knew it, he was asking my husband for permission to propose. They were engaged less than a year before the wedding. Soon after, he changed jobs and they moved to a new city. They bought a house and started thinking about expanding their family. 

They have since sold the house and moved to another state for the third new job in five years.

I choke up every time I hear that song “Live like you were dying” by Tim McGraw. There’s something about the urgency to grab life’s last bit of happiness, right all your wrongs, tie everything up in a neat little bow.

People make bucket lists. It’s a nice idea. Make sure you do the things in your life you want to do before kicking the proverbial bucket. I get it.

But I think my son-in-law has figured out what a lot of us haven’t. He isn’t living like he’s dying, but rather, living like he’s living. 

Maybe you'll get some forewarning that your days are numbered, but there are no guarantees. Don't look to some future event, a promotion, or even achieving a lofty goal, before you really start living. Take today with all it's unfinished business, it's challenges, it's frustrations, and embrace it.  

I’m going to do my best to follow in my son-in-law’s footsteps, and live like I was living - each and every precious day.