Who'd you rather? Easy vs. Hard

Photo by  Jeff Sheldon  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

I have two men competing for my attention. They show up every morning and I have to make a choice. Who'd I rather?

Easy whispers in my ear, tells me to stay in bed, that I deserve the extra sleep. He reminds me of the work I've already done, the things I've already accomplished, the improvements I've already made. He nuzzles me, warms me in his tenderness, and coaxes me to rest. 

Hard barges into my room at 5:00 am, flips on the light, and throws back the covers.  He has no tolerance for laziness; the day is starting and I'm still lounging about. He reminds me that I have books to write, projects to complete, places to see.

Easy is freshly showered. His hair is combed, his slacks are pressed. He wants to pamper me, bring me a cup of tea, rub my feet. 

Hard is sporting day-old stubble, wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and cargo shorts. He wants to take me on a hike. Not just any hike. It's a challenging three hour trek up to a waterfall. 

Who'd I rather? 

Easy is smiling at me, his grin revealing a perfect row of white teeth. He opens his arms, beckoning me back into his embrace. Insisting that I take the day off.

Hard is cocking his eyebrow at me, the one with the tiny scar. He stands there confidently, arms folded across his chest, daring me to make the wrong decision. 

Who'd I rather?

I huff out a breath and leave the comfort of my bed. I peek up at Hard as I lace my hiking boots. He's wearing that smirky grin that tells me I have no idea what I'm in for. I just can't resist him and he knows it. 

You might make a different choice and that's okay. Someday I'll choose Easy, just not today.