Letting go

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No one ever tells you that being a mom is easy, but they don’t really tell you how hard it is either. It’s the letting go that gets you.

You've carried them for nine plus months, keeping them safe and happy. The day of their birth arrives and you are filled with joy. What you don't realize is that the world demands that you start letting go within the first few moments. 

First they sever the umbilical cord and literally separate you. That's the first of many, many, times you will be asked to let go.

You let someone else hold them even though you never want them to leave your arms. They whisk them away to the hospital nursery without you. You're expected to let go.

They start to grow up and it doesn't get any easier. They go to school, make friends, have their first sleepover. You want to protect them from the skinned knees, the bullies at school, the scary shadows at night, but you can't.

They become teens and letting go gets even scarier. They go to parties, ride in another teen’s car, go on dates. Then the day comes when they get their driver's license. You hand over the keys and let them take their first trip to the store without you.

They go off to college, move into their own apartment, walk down the aisle, and all the while you are asked to let go. 

Letting go is the hardest but one of the most important things a mom can do. If you didn't let go of their tiny hand, they couldn't have taken those first few steps on their own. If you don't continue to let go, they can't walk the path they are meant to walk, and become the person they are meant to be.