A new start

Photography by Victor Hernandez

Photography by Victor Hernandez

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn. What comes to mind, when you think of Autumn? Cooler temperatures, the falling of red and gold leaves, football? 

We welcomed Autumn in Austin at 93 degrees. Well, I guess it's cooler than it was the day before by a degree or two. There aren't any colorful leaves on my front lawn. There are a few brown ones but I think that's due to the drought.  We do have football. You can't go anywhere, do anything, without hearing about football. 

I can see how some would associate Autumn as an ending. Autumn is the end of carefree summer days, a march toward winter. But to me, it's a time of possibilities. 

I've always associated Autumn as a time to reinvent myself, a new start. Maybe it was all those years of heading off to school with the anticipation of what the new year might bring. What I would learn, who I would meet, what I might accomplish.  

In a couple of months, we'll welcome the new year with anticipation, hope, excitement. With the entire year ahead of us, what we could achieve is unlimited.  We'll make resolutions. Some of us will keep them, some of us won't. But either way, we'll try again the next year.

Spring is a natural time of renewal. The sun warms the earth, the flowers bloom, and new leaves sprout. It's as if the earth is starting over. Feeling hopeful and renewed is easy in Spring.

But we don't have to wait until Autumn, the New Year, Spring, or any other special time, for that matter. Every day is a new start, a chance to reinvent, to be the better version of ourselves that we desire to be. 

You can make resolutions, dream big, take that first scary step in the project that you know you need to do. Don't wait. Type that first word in the novel you are dying to write, start exercising, learn something new.

It's always the perfect time to pursue our dreams and realize our potential. Starting now.