The power of the tux


The greatest thing to happen in men’s fashion happened in 1888. The tuxedo was introduced to polite society and it’s never been surpassed. According to Wikipedia, the tuxedo was named after Tuxedo Park, NY, a social hub at the time. I don’t know why or how it came to be, but I’m eternally grateful.

It's been referred to as a penguin suit because of the resemblance to the adorable black and white birds that call Antartica home. I've also heard it referred to as a monkey suit but I'm not sure why. 

You can’t go wrong with a tuxedo. It’s endured through every generation, the one thing that looks great on all men.

Remember the white linen suits and pastel t-shirts that Don Johnson sported on Miami Vice? How about parachute pants? They had their brief moment in men’s fashion, but thankfully faded away (hopefully for good). Men, you’ll never look back at a picture of yourself wearing a classic tuxedo and cringe.

The tuxedo is the great equalizer. A man any age, any size, can put one on and look great. Suddenly he’s taller, smarter, more capable. I won’t care if you are wearing $500 oxfords, scuffed up cowboy boots, or even a pair of Nike’s.

My love of tuxedos started early on. I blame it on James Bond movies. I don’t like to think of myself as a woman who needs to be rescued. But if a man shows up in a tuxedo, I’ll play along. It’s my Achilles' heel, my Kryptonite, a game changer. It’s been known to make little lacy things drop to the floor.

No matter if you’re built like Sean Connery or Roger Moore back in the early days, or even beefed up like Daniel Craig, you look great in a tuxedo. (I just thought about Daniel Craig in a tuxedo, I'm gonna need a moment - drool.)

You might notice a common thread throughout my novels. My main character will always find a reason to wear a tuxedo. Why you ask? Because I’m the author, and I want it that way. I dare you to stop reading when he shows up in a tux. 

So men, put on a tuxedo. I know it’s uncomfortable, but I promise, you won’t have to wear it for long.