Unconventional author Darci McIntyre releases inaugural contemporary romance novel Seeing Red. Who should write the next contemporary romance novel? Why not a bibliophile, mother, grandmother, and your next door neighbor? Self-publication opens the doors for those who just have to tell their stories.

AUSTIN, Texas - Sep. 17, 2016 - Darci McIntyre, an unknown but fiercely passionate new writer, has released her introductory spicy contemporary novel, Seeing Red, much to the embarrassment of her grown children. With nothing more than a laptop computer and a wild imagination, Darci jumped feet first into romance writing. Driven by her desire to write the novel she wanted to read herself, she embarked on a multi-year journey, facing self-deprecation and ignorance of the publishing industry, among other struggles. In Seeing Red, Riley Price is a powerhouse. Her career success has culminated in her appointment as CEO of Solex at the age of 27. Although determined, she struggles to lead the all-male executive team. Counting on Riley’s success, Collin Grant, Solex CFO, reluctantly steps in to guide her with all the sensitivity of a bull. When the pressure from the board of directors heats up, Riley accepts Collin’s suggestion to accompany him on a personal trip to get her away from the office and focus on her business plan. Although their destination is in the Caribbean as Collin promises, they are far from where Riley imagined they would be. In a story weaved with ribbons of seduction and discovery of the unknown, Riley finds the courage to embrace the opportunities that present themselves and finds the strength and passion she had all along. Darci has documented many challenges and milestones in the writing journey in her blog. What kept her motivated when the story or life was tough? “A frequent subject of my blog is to encourage others to go for their personal dreams. By pursuing my own dream of publishing a novel, I hope to further encourage others by leading by example.” And on the subject of inspiration of her main characters, Darci says, “When I started writing, I had a flood of inspiration. I was already working on two other manuscripts when the idea for Collin Grant just came to me. I knew he would be an interesting and eventually likable character. I also wanted a strong, smart female character and loved the idea that she would be Collin’s boss.”

Darci lives in beautiful Austin, Texas with the leading man in her life. She is the proud mother of four grown children and Nana to two beautiful granddaughters. Not happy unless she has multiple projects going, Darci is working on a romantic comedy, slated for publication in 2017. She is also working on a series of empowerment picture books for preschool girls.

The e-book and paperback versions of Seeing Red are available for $2.99 and $12.99 on Seeing Red is also available for free for KindleUnlimited subscribers. A book launch event and author signing is planned for October 15th from 4:00-7:00pm at South Austin’s Moontower Saloon and is open to the public. For more information about Seeing Red, please visit the author’s website seeingred. Media inquiries please contact publicist, Stephanie England at